Tompkins Co. Road Protection Ordinance Public Hearing Jan. 31, 2011

Public Information Meeting January 31 on Proposed Road Preservation Law
Residents will have the opportunity to learn more about the County’s proposed road preservation law at an information meeting on Monday, January 31, beginning at 7:00 p.m., at the first-floor conference room of the County’s Old Jail office building, 125 E. Court Street, Ithaca.
The meeting, sponsored by the Legislature’s Government Operations and Facilities and Infrastructure Committees, will provide information about the proposed local law that would amend the County Code to regulate certain heavy commercial or industrial uses of County roads with the potential to cause road damage.  At its February 1 meeting, the Legislature will conduct a public hearing on the proposed road preservation law.
The proposed amendment focuses on any temporary commercial or industrial activity that generates “high frequency, high impact truck traffic”—traffic to or from a single project site generating more than ten truck trips per day for more than three days in a week, involving trucks with a gross weight that exceeds 20 tons, as could occur in activities such as timber harvesting, mining, and natural gas drilling.  The law would establish procedures of posting notice on county highways that could be affected by such temporary projects, a permitting system for those seeking exemption for vehicles that provide essential local pick-up or delivery, and bonding to ensure that the condition of County roads, shoulders, and related highway structures is not adversely affected by such truck traffic.
The Legislature delayed scheduling of the public hearing to allow additional time to inform commercial entities and other users about the proposed local law before the hearing is held.  Anyone who wishes to learn more about the proposed law is invited to attend the information meeting January 31.
The draft local law is available for review at the County Legislature’s web site at (Under “Attachments,” click on “Lla-11.”)
Media Contact:  Michael Lane, Chair, Government Operations Committee, 844-8313 or 844-8440.
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