Survey: Water Pollution From Natural Gas ‘Fracking’ a Concern for Four Out of Five Pennsylvanians Aware of the Process–water-pollution-from-natural-gas-fracking-a-concern-for-four-out-of-five-pennsylvanians-aware-of-the-process-112249579.html

Strong Support Across Party Lines Seen in Pennsylvania For Putting Emphasis on Energy Production With Minimum of Pollution; More than Four Out of Five Want Better Disclosure of Risks.

WASHINGTON,  Dec. 21, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Do Pennsylvania residents think natural gas is as “clean” as it is touted as being by the energy industry?  Three out of five Pennsylvanians are already very or somewhat aware of the controversy about hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) drilling used to tap cheap natural gas supplies in the state, according to a new Infogroup/Opinion Research Corporation (Infogroup/ORC) survey of 403 state residents conducted for the nonprofit Civil Society Institute (CSI).  Among Pennsylvanians who already are aware of “fracking,” more than four out of five are concerned about the drilling technique’s possible threat to clean drinking water.

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