Town Files Lawsuit to Protect Water Supply

The Brockway Borough Municipal Authority has filed a lawsuit  against a drilling company in Jefferson County Court. In a press release, the Friends of the Brockway Area Watershed has announced that the Authority filed the lawsuit filed in order to protect the community water supply.   The 5,000 acre watershed provides water to 2,000 local customers.   The municipal authority does not own the mineral rights to the land in Elk and Jefferson Counties, which provides water to 2,000 local customers.   This proactive tort may be unprecedented.  Like the recent Pittsburgh drilling ordinance, it is an effort to undo over a hundred years’ worth of law which gives corporations greater rights than the communities in which they do business.  Rather than wait for an accident which would endanger the municipality’s entire water supply, Brockway took action.  The 17 page lawsuit is included here You can give up eating Gulf Coast shrimp, but you can’t give up drinking Pennsylvania water  Yours in conservation,

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